2 New Mehndi Styles Each Bride Must Know

Choosing a bridal mehndi design is a tough job, you are torn between going all the way with intricate designs to keep it bold with loud designs. We have put together some new latest trend in dulhan mehndi designs that bride needs to know before zeroing on a mehendi pattern, because it’s your wedding and you should be absolutely elated after with your choice of design.

Mehndi Design with Coloured Stones

It’s the new fade that caught up fast. Here the mehndi design per say goes on the lines of Arabic and African and is studded with the multi coloured stones. Match it with your wedding trousseau and it’ll be envy of everyone & inspiration to all other brides-to-be. However, don’t go over the top with this one. Firstly because too much colour and shine on the hands will take the attention away from your beautiful face and ravishing outfit. Secondly, these stones tend to get stuck in your attire ruining it.

glitter-stone-mehdi-for dulhan

A Tip: Always Always get it done from someone who has down it in the past and not a novice.

Mehndi Design with Body Paint

This one is absolutely brand new and one for the experimental brides. I haven’t seen it on many brides, may be because it takes really a true artist to justify the beauty of both-mehndi and body art. But, if you can fins someone like that this one is truely the award winner!!! You can match the design with your saree or caricature of your would be or simply bring the mundane design of dhols, shenai, etc alive on your hand!


Tip:  Do a trial run a month before your wedding to judge not just the mehndi designer but also if you are comfortable with the idea.

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It’s your wedding day and it really is ‘in your hand’ to ensure that you are the cynosure of all eyes with outstanding mehndi designs!!!

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