Unique Designer Wedding Shagun Money Gift Envelopes


Sometimes you just don’t know what to gift a newly wed couple! Mostly it arises for your distant relatives, less interactive neighbours, colleagues from other team, namesake friends. When you have to attend a wedding simply out of formality then giving money is the safest resort. However, with little cautious choice of designer money envelope you can stand out this as a good shagun. Without further ado we have put together some unique designer wedding money gifting envelopes available online that’ll set you apart!

1. Paper Quilled Money Gift Envelope

Green and Blue paper quill wedding money  envelope

Image Source:   quillandpunchworks.blogspot.com

Paper quilling has picked up hugely in all sorts of gifting products and makes a beautiful option as a wedding money envelope. Right from floral designs to birds to curvy art that can re-create a wedding mandap. This definitely will stand out in the hips of money envelopes that a newly wed couple receives.

2. Organic Wedding Money Gift Envelopes

DSC09100Image: indiamart.com

This one is made out of soft cotton cloth ribbons and soft blue jute! With strong contrasts that textures of various fabrics bring out, each element even if minimally designed can be highlighted beautifully to stand out when you hand out your wedding gift to the couple on stage.

3.  Stone Studded Shaadi gift envelopes

img_3823_4_1Image: craftsvilla

Stone studded wedding shagun envelopes as gifting option is quickly earning many compliments! The bling and shine it brings on, this money gift envelope grabs eyeballs like no other. You can either choose couple of big stone studded with nice nice simple lace or series of smaller diamonds forming a design can do a trick, too.

There you go, pick smart money envelopes and when you buy them in bulk, they won’t be too expensive; but will definitely earn you many compliments and appreciation in the eyes of newly weds.

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