Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli Shopping Guide for a Busy Bride

For a working woman being a bride-to-be is not easy! You already have enough to deal at work and don’t want your shaadi getting you all stressed out. That doesn’t mean that you compromise sashaying your way to the dance floor in a designer bridal lehenga choli. Without having to run between multiple stores to collect resources for your ghaghra choli and fashion illiterate masterji, you must consider online stores to buy that lehenga. Our hawk-eyed research by bridal fashion police broadly classifies the kind of shaadiwali lehenga choli that you will find online to help you simplify your search.

Heavy Lehenga Choli
Embroidery, brocade work, stone studded, loaded lace, fine thread work covering the choli/ghaghra or both describe the heavy lehenga choli. These are usually priced over Rs 10,000 and are very heavy to carry, too. Dream of every Indian bride!

Find them here:

1> Royal blue, yellow and red lehenga dress for a fair bride >
2> Traditional Red heavy lehenga choli >!JGt6NN
3> White and blue modish bridal ghaghara choli >

Hatke Lehenga Choli
Not everyone can carry these off! They demand attention, they attract compliments and criticisms alike but most importantly they ensure that all eyes stay on you. They can be priced between Rs 2000 to Rs 30000 depending on how bold can you get with your choice.

Find them here:

1> The pattern and the colour say it all>
2> Royal pink, bottle green and golden bordered lehenga choli>
3> Only few brides can carry these block colours>

Sasta Sundar Tikau Ghaghra Choli
A vigilant bride doesn’t spend her mullah wisely on apparels that won’t be repeated often. Hence, these economical ghaghara choli ranging between Rs 1500 to Rs 5000 are just right. If you show some patience and browse acutely, the right bridal lehnga will make its way to you in no time.

Find them here:

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1> Simple, stylish and affordable>
2> Kairi designed on baby pink lehenga>
3> An eternal yellow and pink lehenga dholi combo>

Simple, Sober, Stylish Bridal Lehenga Choli
Some brides are born princesses!!! Simplest of dresses, sarees and lehengas look magnificent on them. These minimalist, sober and elegant designer lehngas are not just heart-warming but reasonably priced, too.

Find them here:

1> Silver and green combination>

2> Whites, creams complimented with elegant art >
3> Lehenga Choli for the tall and slim brides>

Bollywoodish Bridal Lehenga Choli

Accept it. We have all secretly drooled over Bollywood lehenga choli at one point in our growing years. Getting an exact replica of Bollywood attire is too desperate and cheap. Hence, online stores have been kind enough to get something ‘inspired’ yet not there. Depending on the work it can range between Rs 2000 to Rs 25000.

Find them here:

1> Vibrant colours with traditional designs>
2> Thick big border the Bollywood style>
3> That’s chic, right? >

Do share it with brides that have no time to shop for their bridal lehenga choli. Also, drop us a line about what would you want us to write next about, that will help you simplify your wedding preparations?


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