Wedding Invitation Cards To Draw Some Inspiration

If you are wee bit social numerous wedding cards will make their way to your home every wedding season. While the idea of the card is to simply give out essential details of wedding ceremonies, Indians go extravagant, creative and sometimes absolutely over the top to ensure that they are on your mind and gossip circle. Here are some wedding invitation cards you can draw some inspiration from making some nice positive space in everyone’s mind.


DIY wedding invitation cards

This spin-the-wheel wedding invitation card is  a fun way of letting people know all the wedding details. Go creative in designing the wheel by customising it to a watch, crystal bowl, rainbow, sun-moon, etc.

Pac man creative wedding invitation card

If this brought a smile on your face, don’t even bother looking further! We all grew up with Pacman and this cure pacman wedding invitation card is sure to get extra space in people’s heart for bringing those fond memories of our childhood.


This is simply adorable! Most couple these days fight it out at Farmville, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, etc and hence, it’s a good idea to merge your favourite game with your favourite day.

3D wedding card for tech savvy couples

We totally loved this one out of all wedding invitation cards for it’s sheer creativity! Go 3D and show off your techie genes. If two tech geek are getting marries something like this is a good idea. 3D printing is now easily available with the top printers and worth every Rupee.

wedding invitation box

Royal, ethnic and absolutely elegant define this wedding invitation box. Decked up with pretty butterfly designs and intricate painting, make this one a collectible.  Add some goodies to enhance the mood.

whatsapp wedding cardThis card redefines Whatsapp wedding invitation. Guess the brides-grooms that are addicted to Whatsapp would love to refine this idea and happily share their wedding moment with the world.

ZooZoo wedding card

Zoo zoo is for that adorable couple who is totally in love and need very little verbal communication to express their love. Ain’t it cute?

There are many more designs and concepts for wedding invitation cards and we’ll keep publishing them steadily, so keep checking back.

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