32 Monsoon Wedding Tips for Indian Weddings

Monsoon wedding!!! Monsoon is the most romantic time of the year and what better way to celebrate romance than get married in this season? Many couples are hesitant to get married due to logistic troubles that monsoon brings with it, however with little planning and anticipation one can easily overcome them and have a memorable wedding at lesser cost. Having attended handful of weddings during monsoon across 3 cities in India, I thought of putting together this one consolidated blog about monsoon wedding tips. As a guest I could witness numerous where all some of them went wrong, but mostly what all they did right! Bringing it you in this one place here.

  •  Why monsoon wedding is a good idea:
    1. You can bargain a good rate with your wedding planner, caterer, venue managers, photographer, make-up artists and even a honeymoon package.
    2. Wedding planners across India are of the opinion that wedding cost can be slashed by good 30% during this season as there are lesser no.of weddings.
    3. Anybody who wishes to have a quick wedding can choose this period as all the resources are easily available.
    4. If all planned well, it would be one of the most memorable part of your and every guest’s life; simply because you would have broken the monotony in style.
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  •  Monsoon wedding tips for venue:
    1. For pre-wedding functions, if you are a little adventurous, go right ahead and have a pool party in a smaller resort. Give vibrant costumes to your guests to add some colour to the entire gloom weather.
    2. For actual wedding, it’s best to stay indoors and not mess with weather! So choose, a hotel or resort or banquet hall with waterproof decor.
    3. Lawns are not a good idea for a monsoon wedding. However, if you want to rebel and make a success of it, then make sure-
      • lawn is covered with waterproof materials with no leakage possibility anywhere or else you will have grumpy guests. Speak to 2-3 waterproof decor experts before zeroing on one.
      • Quick transport to be made available for guests to be picked up and dropped from venue to the hotel where they are hosted.
      • Big umbrellas in good numbers to escort guests from the main area to dining area or powder room or parking.
    4. It’s a great idea to escape to a beach or a hill station for your monsoon wedding, especially when you are having it indoors. For your guests it would be a wonderful vacationing opportunity.

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Buy it here> https://goo.gl/xNq1pf
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  • Monsoon Wedding Theme:
    1. Choose a colourful vibrant theme, a complete contrast to monsoon. How about a rainbow theme?
    2. Decoration cost lesser in monsoon. With the weather so dull, even the slightest addition of colours can take it to another level, so be smart and save some monies here.
    3. Line-up some cool collection of monsoon songs to be played through the reception.
    4. Decorate the venue with umbrellas, coloured raincoats, paper boats, etc to celebrate monsoon.
    5. Don’t forget the Funky photobooth! You can go crazy and creative with right party props during a monsoon wedding



  • Monsoon Bridal Make-up Tips:
    1. Avoid cream-based make up- right from blush to eyeshadow. Choose the oil absorbing powder based make-up instead.
    2. For less powdery look use moisturiser and sprays for your make-up.
    3. Wherever possible use waterproof make-up–eyeline, mascara and lipstick.
    4. Ask your bridesmaid to carry blotting papers so that you can fine-tune your make up.
    5. Another essential monsoon bridal makeup tip is to avoid shimmer, during monsoon it stands out tooo loud!
    6. Hair can be left loose! There is no worry of windy climate or too much humidity to make it annoying.
    7. Choose soft curls or let wavy braids do the talking.
    8. We highly recommend that you have use only branded make-up products so as to not have any reactions on your skin. It’s best that you buy your own waterproof monsoon make-up kit instead of letting your beautician use hers which may have touched too many different skins. You may want to check them out here-  https://goo.gl/VWbBeS
Source: weddingplannersindia
Source: weddingplannersindia
  •  Monsoon Wedding Food Care:
    1. Special care must be taken about conditions in which your food is prepared. It’s that time of the year where little unhygienic approach could lead to severe stomach ailments and your guests will then remember your wedding for all wrong reasons.
    2. Give special attention to where your vegetables, milk, etc would be coming from and cooked.
    3. Add some spicy and hot things to your menu- bhajiyas, jalebi, etc. Go easy on ice-cream varieties.
  •  Monsoon Wedding Dresses and Fashion Tips
    1. Grooms must avoid heavy fabrics and choose light and soft ones for their sherwani and blazers. No dhotis or pants that add volume to the bottoms. Keep the colours bright and match your bride’s outfit. Also, ensure you wear your safas or turban only when indoor.
    2. Brides have much to care for! As monsoon wedding dresses you must avoid velvets, brocades, heavy embroidery or lehenga choli. Keep it light just like your groom.
    3. A monsoon bride must choose bright colours and can even go ahead and experiment with neons.
    4. Opt for bridal wear made of georgette, chiffon, lace, net, crepe brocade or fine tissue.
    5. Footwear should preferably by flats. Step into your stilettos or heels when stepping on the stage.
  • Monsoon Wedding and Jewellery
    1. Diamonds! They shine like those pretty rain drops during monsoon.
    2. Choose traditional jewellery for pheras and rest keep it shiny and western.
    3. Make sure your jewellery is never exposed to rains so always travel under a huge umbrella.
Source: Marrymeweddings
Source: Marrymeweddings
  • Return Gifts
    1. Make sure your returns gifts are not to complex for you to carry to the venue or your guests to take them back home.
    2. Keep it simple but thoughtful.

Hope you find this article helpful! Share these monsoon wedding tips in your circles to reach those couple who wish to have a monsoon wedding.

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