Indian Marriage Mandap Ideas

Marriages are made in heaven, waiting to be connected here. When then connection is shared with the world, why not create a heaven on earth itself. And, there is no better way of creating a heaven on earth for your dream wedding is by setting up your dream heavenly mandap. Indian marriage mandaps can range between extravagant and minimalist. We have put together some really cool marriage mandaps from all over the world that range between all of them but are not really over the top. These mandaps can be be absolutely affordable when given in the hands of the right wedding decor artist or an aunty who knows the right people and has an eye for all these beautiful.

Vibrant mandap that plays smartly with dupattas and lights. Combination of such colourful riot with traditional sitting arrangement and kalashes just adds the adorning aspect.

This a very rajashahi setting which is a combination of subtle reds and green in sync with the peacock.  Elegant couple sitting with sublime light falling of fresh bunch of roses is absolutely pretty. 

Flower galore! A typical, traditional Indian marriage mandap with lots of reds, beautiful dome and loads and loads of flowers on a huge stage to accommodate extra large family.

Wedding of Sabrina Malkani and Ben Kuperberg at the Hay Adams and Ritz Carlton in Washington, DC Sunday, September 4, 2011. (© 2011 Michael Connor / Connor Studios)


Give a European feel. Doesn’t it? White and red- lethal and purest combination ever.

Purest white. Not every Indian can pull of such a marriage mandap given the kind of chaos that our wedding witness and trouble that kids. But if you have the inclination and trust your family to behave a little, this could be awesome.

Simply love the beautiful use of just handful of colours and spaciously that it has all been laid out.

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This needs no word! Multi colour, bright lights thoughtful setting.

Ethnic outdoor setting is neat!

Indoor setting for a traditional Indian marriage mandap with awesomeness of goldeness!

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