5 Lesser Known Honeymoon Spots You Should Escape to

Many couples get so tired with all wedding planning, people and parties that at end both of them just want to go somewhere far away. In most cases, a couple just doesn’t want the honeymoon to be a clichéd romantic getaway to Paris. Away from overhauling tourists who are busy clicking selfies and places that are simply too crowded, is where one needs to be. Here are some hidden and peaceful honeymoon spots or destinations in the world:

carate costa rica

Carate, Costa Rica:

Virgin beaches, clear Pacific Ocean and dense tropical forests! That’s Carate for you in a nutshell. The village is untouched by urbanisation of typical tourist spot. In case you are bored from swimming pool in the resort, head out and hike around in the forest. You will find many natural waterfalls to take a dip. A couple can also do scuba diving together. Make sure you hire a car with a GPS as the island has almost no street signs.

algarve portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Located in the southern Portugal, Algarve has Mediterranean climate to crave for. If your partner is into golf, this would be a paradise for him. The natural landscapes are breath taking. One can see fantastic cliffs, sandy beaches and castles. Overall it is a complete package for a couple who wants to be alone on beach but also needs to explore a new city.

sapa vietnam

Sapa, Vietnam:

Vietnam would be the last country to come in mind when anyone plans a honeymoon spot to be on. Just take a minute and search for Sapa. This picturesque valley with a view of famous Hoàng Liên Son Mountains definitely worth a trip. A nice trek along the hill slopes towards BAC Ha market will give you chance to interact with locals. Nature lovers can hire a jeep and visit Hoang Lien National Park along with a guide.

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trininad and tobago

Trininad and Tobago

Nothing will give a good cultural shock than Trininad and Tobago. This twin island country located in the Atlantic has been inhibited by almost all major races and religions on the earth.  Untouched mangrove forests, lush green hills and blue water makes it perfect Caribbean destination and one of the honeymoon spots that we simply love. The carnival season in the Tobago is worth visiting as it is famous in the region for its grand scale.

bwindi forest Uganda

Bwindi Forest, Uganda:

Bwindi means ‘impenetrable’ in a local language. Due to super dense tree and plant cover, this forest is inaccessible by foot. It is also known as place of darkness because sunlight can’t reach the ground due to thick cover at the top. Get thrilled by a Gorilla safari here or just enjoy silence in the forest with your partner. It is a place where all wild treasures of Africa come together to thrill you.

Honeymoon packages to any of these destinations are easily available online and with a bit of research, head to one of these.

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