Spiritual Destination Wedding with Mayan Olmec Toltec Rituals

A little introduction about Spiritual Destination Wedding with Mayan Olmec Toltec Rituals

Before all the glamour and galore got added to the idea of marriage, where two being came together in the presence of Mother Nature; there only simply ceremony that was filled with purity and unconditional love. Though many cultures have, over the years, lost the essence of celebrating the unity two beings to share their life ahead towards shared goal, spiritual goal; somewhere in Mexico few special beings have kept the traditional Mayan Olmec and Toltec wedding rituals alive in teh form of destination beach weddings in Mexico. Currently, many young brides and grooms are marrying the Mayan way and fueling the new formed term called – Spiritual Destination Wedding. We have been lucky to have Jesús Eduardo Orduño Guillen (Mayan Shaman) from Cozumel, Mexico share the details about this ancient Mayan wedding tradition in it’s current form. Read more about him at the end of the article.:-)

Mayan Olmec Toltec Rituals

For thousands of years, the Mayan couples travel from all over the world to have their love blessed in a beautiful Mayan Olmec Toltec wedding ceremony or simply renew their vows in Cozumel Island, considered to be “a gate where two become one”.

As per Mayan culture the marriage ceremony is to take place near a water body and hence Cozumel’s sea is so preferred. A canopy like  shrine is constructed representing the four elements: Fire, water, earth and air. While the sky is always shining over.

The ceremony begins with a salute to the four cardinal points with a shell. Salute in each direction has special significance.

  • East: To remove the ‘I’ and bring out the ‘US’
  • North: To gain the courage to go for what we love
  • West: Simply unconditional love
  • South: Salute to the sacred feminine consciousness .
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Round of salutes are made to the Mother Earth, towards the center of our heart, the grandparents & guardians of the island and finally to the heaven thanking God.

  •  The ritual continues with letting go of the past, to be present in the Here and Now
    Mayan ceremony is spiritual to its core. The couple is reminded that all the good and bad of the past is gone and over with. It’s time for them to be grateful to have found each other in the billion souls to help them grow with unconditional love.

Couple getting ready for mayan wedding by the beach

  • Later the groom will hand the Mayan bride a symbol of his love, respect, and fidelity, as the bride receives it and blesses it. She promises to multiple it with her love and patience.

mayan wedding eating fruits

  •   It’s time for the Mayan bride to toast to their love with words that flow from heart and soon the groom follows the bride.
  •  A symbol of eternal love is then given to the Mayan couple-A  living sacred being for the Mayans, a Ceiba tree. The ancient Maya of Central America believed that a great Ceiba tree stood at the center of the earth, connecting the terrestrial world to the spirit-world above.  The long thick vines hanging down from its spreading limbs provided a connection to the heavens for the souls that ascended them.
Celtia tree at mayan destination wedding
  • The modern day traditions have caught up a bit here and the couple has permission to exchange rings, if they choose to do so. If they were to do so then a request is placed that the mothers-in-law hand over the rings to the Mayan bride and groom reminding to love each other unconditionally, just like the couple’s grandmothers did.
couple exchanging rings at beach wedding

  • Now the final promises are delivered to not just serve each other but to the mother nature, too! Couple now makes an offering to Mother Earth to express their gratitude for all her kindness, patience and generosity. 

The spiritual Mayan Olmec Toltec wedding ceremony ends here in matter of 45 minutes flat!


How does Jesús Eduardo Orduño  to Plan a Mayan Olmec Toltec Wedding

Location: Any beautiful, secluded, clean and lovely beach is a must for this spiritual beach wedding . Currently most such ceremonies take place at Playa Bonita and San Martin in Cozumel.

What does Jesús Eduardo Orduño Provide in addition to his pure blessings:  Assists in setting up the altar with shrine and offerings to the four elements (apparently, there is no compulsion here though the natural fruits are preferred. Symbols of the past, your love, respect and fidelity.


What do you need to bring; Your guests and witnesses (not a must but recommended). Comfortable clothing, appropriate for hot weather (White is recommended due to freshness). Rings, if you wish (not a must).  Bouquet for the bride (not a must )
Duration; 30 to 45 minutes
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This Mayan ritual does not have any legal value, only and most importantly “Real spiritual worth”.

About Jesús Eduardo Orduño

He is a Mayan Shaman, a Path linker and Temazcalero y Helper. He is currently residing in Mexico, keeping the ancient tradition alive.

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