Secret Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips for Grooms


Remember the time, skin care for a man used to be a menial routine?And often included the basic stuff like:

1) Lathering the face with a soap, (mosly with something that promised to kill 99% germs or something that smelt nice or was from that relative in the Gulf)

2) Next up, a  generous coating of talcum powder (For reasons still unknown to the Universe).

3) Post shaving, an after shave using something that had nothing to do with spices or cooking.

Well those days are literally artifacts in the history of evolution of skin care for Indian men! The idea of any sort of skin care tips for grooms, back then, must have been looked down upon.

Although the Egyptian men were pioneers in introducing skin care regimes for men around 10000 BC, it took a lot of time to catch up to the current status of essential-lity it has attained today. Structurally a man’s skin is way thicker and richer in collagen than a woman’s. More sebaceous (more pimple prone), more pores (more dirt) and more hair follicles (beards n mustaches). This requires for special attention.

A majority of women literally move into salons and spas from the time, the wedding date is fixed. While the grooms will never beat the brides in that category of extravagance and eccentricity, you guys shouldn’t be total dodos in grooming routines either!

Here are a few morsels of advice to keep your skin healthy and radiant on your special day. Scroll down to explore the effective pre-wedding skin care tips that every Indian groom should regularly indulge in:

  • Keep Calm and use a Cleanser!


Cleansers are the products to be used for removing all the scum from your facial skin. Go for the ones with salicylic acid or lactic acid due to their added antibacterial and antioxidant benefits. Cleanses will unclog the pores and will prevent any ugly zits or break outs on your face from happening on your D-day or any other day for that matter.

  • Its time to get ecstatic, about Exfoliating!
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Scrubs available in the market are meant to do the job of exfoliation, which is extremely important for maintaining good health of skin. Skin cells are also in a constant process of regeneration and death , the dead cells removed by a good exfoliating routine , promote new cells to form. Go for exfoliants with natural granules of apricot, walnut and jojoba which are pretty suited for the job.

  • Real Men give up one night stands for….. Moisturizers!
Man applying cream to face.
Man applying cream to face.

Moisturising is quintessential as it replaces the lost moisture from your skin. Men like to keep things simple and often gravitate towards moisturizers that are easily absorbed from skin and are not too bleachy or patchy. Every fairness cream is not an ideal moisturizer. Go for products with Vit A for its fantastic skin repair effects and choose products with SPF 30 or more so that you get to nail two goals with one shot(moisture and sun protection). For the rest of your body , pampering it with a body lotion suited to one’ skin type, never really hurt any man out there.

  • Shaving Grace!


Shaving products have undergone a classy metamorphosis over the years. Shaving creams/gels/foams are meant to get intimate with the skin, so products with stearic acid, glycerin aloe extracts and lubricating granules are deemed perfect for a smooth  shave.

If you are one among the many beard bearers then do remember to swear by its neatness by proper pruning, its cleanliness using a beard wash and its luster and growth with the help of nourishing beard oils.


Often adjectives like soft, supple, glowing,radiant are associated with the women folk. Sadly, that is only one among the consequences of stereotypes created by advertisements. Regardless of your age or gender, skin care regime should have an integral part, like one’s personal hygiene and proper diet. There is added pressure for men to look youthful today,(like there wasn’t enough pressure on the men folk already).

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Do make it a point to shower attention on a regular basis so that your skin won’t start showing signs of being taken for granted; because that could literally make you unsightly.

Pay attention to get attention!

Be kind and share these skin care tips for grooms with your fellow grooms-to-be who need it desperately!

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