Top evergreen engagement dresses from Bollywood

Engagement ceremonies are pivotal in a relationship between two people. It marks the culmination of a maddening romance and the hopeful beginning of an eternal love story. The first of the many festive ceremonies en route to your big wedding day, intense research and planning are needed in making you gape worthy on the special day.

Now we are all impressionable and we solemnly swear to remain like that to at least the shimmer and sparkle of Bollywood movies, our entire lives. Undeniably even the toughest cynics who grew up watching cheesy Bolly flicks became one because all their castles in the air about love (courtesy movies like DDLJ,KKHH,HAHK,K3G etc)  were gone with the wind in real life scenarios!

With all due reverence to the ways Bollywood has been a been a magnificent influence in our lives, here is my take on engagement dresses from Bollywood that are forever swoon worthy:

  1. Orange Is The New Black-  Those were the times when Kajol flaunted her dusky skin and monobrow with equal pizzaz. In the endearing engagement number, ‘Aaj hai sagai’ from the Indianised version of the formidable ‘French Kiss’, ’Pyar toh Hona hi tha ’Kajol totally steals the show dancing and cajoling the very rigid Ajay Devgan to shake a leg. The lady charms us all effortlessly (as usual) in her embellished Fiery Orange GhagraCholi! I don’t think anybody else could have given the colour orange so much aura!Organe engagement dress bollywood
  2. Gold Is Never Too Old- Kajol again, the lady is unstoppable folks. In fact she has at least 3 hit engagement songs to her credit and three is a crowd indeed. In the cult movie KKHH, she looks truly royal in her heavily adorned rouge-ish golden lehenga choli dancing to ‘Saajanji ghar aaye’. Totally ‘gape’ worthy!Salman-Saajan-Ji-Ghar-Aaye
  3. Halter Couture- Rani and halter tops are like Jennifer Lopez and her badonkadonk, they absolutely complement each other. Rani establishes her reign over our hearts grooving in her figure hugging golden halter top and red flared skirt ensemble to the catchy soundtrack of Gore Gore se Chore from HUM TUM. 47d23-cvbnm
  4. Going Green With Envy-  Remember the pista green and white lehenga that Kajol wore in the unforgettable Mehendi lagake rakhna from the epic movie DDLJ. This dress itself is cult attire in its own right that if you wear it everyone will know in a jiffy where they first saw it! 6a00e551a4e0f3883301a73d9ec39e970d
  5. Sometimes Being Blue Is The Best Thing- The dimpled damsel, Preity Zinta looks truly delectable in her stunning sky blue and beige lehenga choli in the hit song Maahi Ve, from Kal Ho Na Ho. Despite not being a conventional colour of choice for engagement dresses, Manish Malhotra hits the bull’s eye with his unconventional choice this time!preityzintakalhonahodec5
  6. Ivory Is Always In- Preity Zinta looks so heavenly in her Ivory white Pakistani lehenga in the song ‘Janam Dekh Lo’ from Veer Zara. 1280x720-kK9
  7. Prettiest Pink- The diva with aquamarine eyes, Aiswarya Rai Bachhan dressed the part of one of the sisters of the bride to be and honestly speaking the dress looked good as it was the former beauty queen who was wearing it.maxresdefault
  8. Color Blind-  Seriously to show off this combination one needs to be thick skinned or colour blind but Kareena looked hard core Punjabi in the fuchsia salwar, lime green Patiala and orange dupatta from the foot tapping Nagada Baja from ‘Jab We Met’ !jab_we_met_02
  9. Royal Blue and Bejewelled Black- The song sequence was supposed to be Aditi’s engagement ceremony but why don’t we hate it this time when the best friend Naina takes away all the limelight (or rather her rocking body 😉 )! This power packed chartbuster had Deepika looking like a dream in her royal blue saree with that cute little black and silver blouse (aka bikini top).But hey!!!Kalki Koechlin looked uber chic in her little black sequined dress too. It is one of our favourite engagement dresses from Bollywood!!!!badtameez-dil-saree 


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