Latest Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles for Indian Wedding

A gloriously done mane adds an exquisite charm to any apparel a bride has is wearing! The bridal hair is such a versatile entity, it can be twisted and twirled, permed and straightened, the options are numerous! Quite candidly speaking having a beautiful hairdo is all that it takes to set apart a bride from the other women at a wedding! Nail the look on your D-day with these amazing ideas for bridal hairstyles Indian that match best with your bridal lehenga and wedding theme.

  • Sensational hairstyles of Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate fashionista, she has an impeccable sense of style and her hairstyles are literally pieces of artwork!  Check out this elegant braided hairdo with side swept hair….add more pizzaz to it using hair accessories or a suitable mang tikka! She also carries the traditional bridal hairstyle of Indian puff lavishly with right hair accessories

Sonam Kapoor bridal hairstyles

Some Maang tikkas for Indian Bridal Hairstyle that we love:

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  • Bounty of braids

Messy or not braids will never run out of style! They can be embellished with fragrant jasmines and lilies or metallic hair ornaments. A well done braid is going to add more dimension to the bridal attire! It is our most favourite out of all bridal hairstyles for long hair especially.

Messy braided hair with hair accessories


  • The buoyant bouffant

A bouffant adds a lot of charm to the face because of its accentuated size. They can be worn as such or coupled with braids for more sparkle! It renders the bride with a combination of seductiveness and sophistication! Young brides that have a little spunk can wear this bridal hairstyle for long hair with cool bridal hair accessories like tiara. Check them here.


  • Let’em Loose- Perfect bridal hairstyle for short hair
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Conformity to every tradition of marriage is not mandatory. Some women seriously look stunning with their locks left open. A bit of priming, a few extra touches and you are ready to go! Just don’t forget to wear one attractive piece of hair accessory or lovely flower at least! This bridal hairstyle is perfect for short hair


  • Half Updos as Indian Bridal Hairstyle

These half updos suit almost every face type. Pair them up with a great pair of ear rings and you are most definitely going to look ravishing.


Some Funky Bridal Hair Accessories for Modern Indian Bride

Make the right choice for which hairstyle to go for based on your face shape most importantly and your attire generally. A trial of the bridal hairstyles you will be donning for the ceremony should be rehearsed to analyze how well it suits you. Get an open discussion with your bridal hairstylist and be specific in your ideas. How well can you carry it or is a new hairdo going to be a reason of some nasty pain in the neck after your wedding, make sure you can carry it effortlessly and elegantly and be the cynosure of the d-day!

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