Healthy Green Juice Recipes for Weight Loss with limited Ingredients

Juices are best to keep you hydrated and to provide necessary nutrients. Days of starving yourself during diet routine are gone and people are taking limited amount of calories through juices now. Many people stick to lemonade to lose weight but there is no reason for you to do so, too! If you are the kind who wants easy way to lose weight, then you definitely should do some healthy juicing every now and then. We have put together a bunch of juice recipes for weight loss that are healthy and can be made with limited ingredients in different styles.

Ample number of tasty juices is available to serve your taste buds and to reduce weight at the same time. Make sure that these juices have live enzymes, mineral and vitamins. Never go for fresh fruit juices available in pack at supermarket but go for juices which are produced in front of you by crushing fruits into the juicer.

If made correctly, these juices will help you to reduce those extra kilos without risking the muscle mass. Juices are perfect way to supply nutrients to body without any increase in fiber intake. It also helps in quick absorption of vitamins and minerals in blood. Juice recipes for weight loss are the most refreshing way to shed that unnecessary flab.

BUT buying different fruits and vegetables to keep grinding new weight loss juices may not always be economical. Hence, we have put together with some handful of green vegetables that one usually has at home, which can be made in to unique juicing blends and burn those extra calories.

Here are some recipes of tasty and healthy juices:

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The Green Diuretic – Weight Loss



  • It includes cucumber along with celery which fights high blood pressure.
  • Add spinach and green apple too for extra punch of vitamins, antioxidants to get better immune system.
  • To avoid the bitterness, add apples and carrots. It will give sweet taste. Decide the quantity of ingredients as per your requirements and taste.

Method to Weight loss Green Diuretic Juice

  • First start grinding green apple and then add cucumber, spinach followed by carrot. If your juicer has low power, try to add ingredients one by one or juice separately.
  • Don’t forget to chop the celery before you add it to juicer.

Spinach Chard Juice Recipe for weight loss


It is prepared from special Swiss chard spinach which is known as great source of nutrients which fights cholesterol and create stronger bones.

In addition to this, it gives omega 3 fatty acids for a stronger immune system. You will not only notice weight loss but lower calorie intake as well.


  • The ingredients include 2 to 3 Swiss chard leaves
  • 1 ginger
  • 1 navel orange
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 medium sized lettuce
  • 1 Fuji apple


Roll Swiss chard leave

Green juice with smoothie for Weight Loss


This is the best alternative for carbs. It can reduce your carb intake and will help you to fight the hunger as well. This particular juice is best to be consumed before breakfast as it is gives sufficient energy to survive a long day. The avocado in the drink is sufficient to fulfill the hunger.

Pineapple is main sweetener in this juice. It gives it nice tangy sweetness. Adjust the quantity of pineapple according to your preference of sweetness. You won’t gain extra pounds due to this as all fruits have low fructose sugar, making it one of the yummy juice recipes for weight loss.

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You will need skinless pineapple, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 pear, one large cucumber, 1 avocado, 4 celery stalks.


Chop the pineapple in small pieces to avoiding clogging in the mixer. Juice it along with pear, spinach, cucumber and celery. Scoop out the soft part of the avocado and put it in this blender now. Mix it until you get smooth texture and consume it instantly.

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