7 Ways To Have A Simple Wedding in India

Where the Why matters more than the Way!

Conducting a simple wedding in Indian is not as easy as it seems! Effective cost cutting measures need to be employed nonetheless without compromising on the charm and formidability of the ceremony. Set in stone where you want to put some money and what all you don’t mind foregoing! A wedding feast even if it doesn’t have all the cuisines of the world is a feast nonetheless, the wedding attire you can go for rented or cheaper alternatives.

If you and your significant other have decided that you want a simple wedding ceremony in India devoid of lavishness of any kind then stay glued and explore the options that follow:


7] Marry at an Arya Samaj Mandir office

The place you want to go if tomorrow the world is going to end and you want to die married! Yes, Arya Samaj Mandir is extremely liberal in their approach to marriages between Hindus. Obviously there are certain legal documents that you should own, but otherwise it is hassle free So if you want to marry today or in less than 30 days officially, the nearby Arya Samaj Mandir office is the place to be.



6] Marry in a lush green backyard/garden

Do you or your significant other own a villa with a backyard, or does any one of your mutual friends own a house with a lawn? Then, get your bosom buds and family members and get the ceremony started right there! Keep the rituals to a minimum rather than making them as long as those K serials on TV! Just because the wedding is a simple affair, doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the Kodak moments and the beauty they ooze. Choose a garden or a backyard which will serve the purpose of a protagonist to the tee with its aesthetic aliveness in the snaps that are taken. If pulled off well, the photos will remind you why you need to stay married, even on one of those tough times in marriage.

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5] Marry at your ancestral home/own home

Forever gracious and immensely talented Vidya Balan  and her hubby Siddharth Roy Kapur officiated their wedding ceremony within the sanctity and coziness of their own home. Plus if one of your elders like that favorite granny or grandpa is unwell to travel to your wedding venue and you badly want him/her to be there, then this idea is golden!



 4] Marry at a beach

A beach wedding is the ultimate in romance quota! If the waves are playing it cool and the ocean is not in its destructive avatar, a wedding on seashore is one of the wishful ways at least majority of us would love to get hitched. The best part about a beach wedding is that, it is the most sensuous of all wedding varieties. The smooth sand against your feet, the overwhelming aroma of the sea breeze, the aquamarine ocean against the cerulean blue sky….. if this isn’t then what is the epitome for a perfect wedding backdrop?



3] Marry at a farmhouse/a ranch

If your fiancé and you have shared interests like love for the outdoors and animals, then this is an amazing way to get hitched! You could even ditch the traditional wedding attire for the ceremony and wear more organic attire that suits the tone of the outdoors!



2] Marry at an orphanage/old age home

On your wedding day, go that extra mile! The best part about conducting a wedding at an orphanage or a home for the aged is that, you will infuse a lot of joy and excitement to people who could really use some attention. This is an upcoming trend nowadays especially amongst the socially conscious youth and many adults are increasingly choosing to celebrate a part of their wedding, especially the feast with the underprivileged. A deed that will guarantee to make your wedding a cherished affair for many

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1] Marry at the court

Never get married to someone whom you  can live with, marry the one you cannot live without! So you have found the one and you are absolutely certain that he/she is the person with whom you envisage a future together. But, the old folks at home are not cool with the sheer presence of  compatibility between both of you owing to mismatch of caste, religion or even finance and if you both want to be together no matter what, then Court marriage/ register marriage is definitely your cup of tea! Keep in mind that, once you apply in the nearby court, after 30 days will you be able to get officially hitched! Also you will need a minimum of 3 witnesses during the court marriage. Barring the meager registration costs, unless or until you plan to invest in dapper attires for the wedding, this is one of the most minimalistic ways to get hitched!



It may seem like extravagant weddings are almost everyone’s preference! But clearly that is not the scenario, there are many Indians who are breaking away from conformity of archaic customs and practicing simplicity even in important decisions like their weddings! Plan, set a budget, and stick to the plan! Ultimately what matters is the ‘WHY’ behind getting married and not the ‘WAY’!

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