5 best male Indian wedding photographers list

Indian weddings are known to be grand affairs in its every aspect. The decorations, shopping, number of guests invited and functions are at different level all together. Therefore, every couple wants to document this experience in such a way that they can relive these moments any time. It takes lot of hard work and talent to be a Indian wedding photographers as you have to use combinations of various genres of photography here.

The wedding photography industry in India was traditionally dominated by guys at local photography studios with standard techniques to cover each wedding. Today, with the explosion of digital photography, wedding photographers are covering each wedding in a different way. We have short listed some of the finest male Indian wedding photographers in the industry for you.

  1. Suman Chakravarthy


Just hire him and forget all the worries. If Suman is on ground, you don’t have be to constantly worried about everything getting captured or not. He will tell you to enjoy your special day and be assured about good results. Candid photography is his strong point. He will capture all rituals and gathering at the wedding and convert it into nice photo feature which tells wedding story.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/sumanchakrifoto

  1. Prakash Tilokani


With an experience in covering several celebrity and businessmen’s weddings, Prakash Tilokani is the best wedding photographer you can get. His work has been recognized through many awards in the field of photography.

Prakash believes that a wedding photographer should combine his photography skills with planning and consultation with client. In order to get desired emotions in a frame from his subject, he uses his social skills. Candid moments are also frequent in his photographs.

Website: http://www.prakashtilokani.com

  1. Vinayak Das
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What can be better than a couple covering the wedding? Vinayak Das extensively collaborates with his wife Snigdha to create magic in the wedding album. Their work reflects strict photo journalistic approach to the wedding. The couple covers details of the wedding as a grand event. Kodak wedding Photographer award was given to them for the uniqueness in their work.

Website: http://www.vinayakdasphotography.com

  1. Sharik Verma


Sharik Verma, just like most of engineering students in India, was pursuing career in IT at Wipro. But he decided to quit this high paying profession to follow his passion. Today, he is known for his work in the domain of wedding photography in India.

His work focuses on magical moments and chemistry between couples. He has covered many destination weddings at exotic places. His clients say that photos clicked by him look alive. The secret behind this is amazing retouching effects he has been using.

Website: http://sharikverma.com

  1. Joseph Radhik


After getting postgraduate diploma in management from prestigious IIM, Joseph Radhik would have been placed at any Fortune 500 companies. But Radhik chose to tell stories using the audio-visual medium. He covers the human interest stories about almost every person he meets.

If you want to take the wedding coverage to next level opt for his videographies of wedding. His studio creates wedding short films, pre and post wedding shoots and candid wedding photos as well. Contact his Hyderabad or Mumbai office for more information.

website: http://www.josephradhik.com

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Akshay Tarfe is a budding journalist based in Mumbai. In his free time you can find him trekking and clicking photos.

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