Top Online Wedding Planner Games

The wedding planning is a grand process. It takes lot of time to segregate, organize and finance all the tasks. Due to its challenging nature, few developers have created games out of it. These online wedding planner games are really fun to play. For some, these game may not only be time killers but can become a source to get different wedding ideas.

You can enjoy wedding planner games on big screen of your online and all of them can be operated within a browser.

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  1. Wedding Planner (Tycoon game)

The game is hosted on the online gaming portal ‘’. There is no need download or upgrade any software. Just log in to your browser and start playing! Even on the website, there are no lengthy registration processes. The controls of the game have been kept minimal. All you need is mouse and clicks. The game lets you select a budget and challenges you to plan a wedding within selected budget. As a wedding planner, you are given a freedom to allocate budget on the various sections such as decorations, catering, clothing and venue. Of course there is a time limit, just like real life wedding.


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  1. My Wedding Plan

This free wedding game is hosted on the gaming portal ‘’ You can directly start playing after you log in to the website. The game gives you three types of couples for whom you can plan the wedding. It gives small description about three couples which involves their hobbies and preferences about the marriage.

A click on a single couple will give you more options such as selecting dresses and attire for them. The location of the wedding can be customized using various carpet colors and materials. You can select favorite dishes for the wedding as well. The best part about this app is that you can take print out of the result.



  1. My Perfect Wedding

The game is all about customizations. The home screen greets you with the map of various locations such as salon, shoe shop, wedding venue and cosmetic shops. It is a role play where you accompany bride to all these locations and help her to pick out best things for her. In makeup section for example, you can choose various types of lipsticks and other cosmetics to change the look of the bride.

Everything from chairs at the wedding venue to dress type can be customized as well. There are two mini games inside this game. For flower selection, you have to collect flowers in a limited amount of time. The selection of ring depends upon the small memory game at the ring shop.



  1. Anna Winter Wedding Makeover

This online wedding planner game is totally focused on the bride. You are supposed to take charge of styling and makeup of the bride and make her look fabulous using all the options available on the game. In makeup section, one can even choose the shades of eyeliner, eyes and lipstick. You can always save and print the results.


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