Easy and Useful Jewellery Care Tips for New Brides

Bridal jewellery is precious, not just for its monetary significance, but also the way it’s crafted. Being a bridesmaid for quite a few weddings over the last few years, with some of them being held in another city; I have come to realise the significance of correct jewellery care tips that these indispensable ornaments need.


For instance, on one occasion, a bride’s jewellery was given to her dominating ‘Bua’ to look after and bring along for each function at the right time. Every box was correctly named for each ceremony with the right jewellery placed inside. The Bua managed to mix up all the jewellery boxes when she was showing them off to other family members. So, she brought all the wrong jewellery for the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony. Later, bride’s mother took matters into her own hands and handed over the jewellery to us- The Bridesmaid Gang! We rearranged them for the rest of the functions and noticed some of them had lost a little lustre, maybe Bua had allowed some people to try these on!

Soon, we bridesmaids rushed to the nearest outlet of a decent looking jewellery store in an unknown city to get these polished and cleaned. Luckily for us, the owner was a kind man and arranged for the bridal jewellery to be polished and cleaned on priority, but not before he left us with some bridal jewellery care tips that I’ll share with you now. 


Bridal Jewellery Care Tips from the jeweller’s mouth 😉

  • Always give the ‘protection’ of bridal jewellery as a task to someone reliable and disciplined.
  • Don’t remove jewellery from the box too many times or leave it exposed for too long before it’s actually Never ever simply mix it all together in a single bag or box. It is truly precious and should be kept apart to preserve its beauty.
  • Never ever simply mix it all together in a single bag or box. It is truly precious and should be kept apart to preserve its beauty.
  • The bride should always put on the jewellery after her make-up, draping and hair are done! Jewellery is literally the last thing you should put on! Especially the necklace and earrings.
  • Always wear jewellery 15 minutes before you actually have to step out. If things are not running on time and you end up getting ready way before time, don’t tire yourself down with the ornaments. Also, jewellery will be less sweaty and irritating by the time ceremony ends.
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Also, lucky for you guys, I found this awesome quick 3-minute video where Shreya Jain, a top jewellery expert from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers, talks about essential jewellery care tips. If you find the post useful, you can subscribe to Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers for more such tips and tricks. #TrulyBridal.

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