Amazing Indian Wedding Theme Ideas 2016

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A sneak peek at the different wedding themes ideas India, 2016

Annually, the wedding themes India change. It becomes more new. Usually, the themes that are common in this context include those involving soft metallic. But, gradually, with the passage of time, these are getting replaced by interesting decor, and gentler notions. Wedding planners, nowadays contemplate on how to keep things unique, chic and subtle. Some of the popular themes that can dominate Indian weddings include the Bold Bohemian, Soft Pastels, DIY and Eco Friendly, Modern and Minimalistic, The new Vintage, Modern Mughals, Rustic Chic. The newness of them marriage themes matter and at the same time theme execution is also important..

Peacock Wedding Theme Designs

The birds wedding theme usually involves parrot and peacock designs. Individuals, wedding planners who like birds prefer this theme to decorate their places using such themes. The theme is quite popular as far as weddings in India are concerned. Along with the peacock decoration of wedding venues, wedding planners may choose this type of theme for bridal dresses and accessories. Especially, peacock wedding theme in combination with elegant colours gives an outstanding look to the bride.

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Bollywood Wedding Themes

Bollywood wedding theme idea is also a preferable option for brides, grooms and other wedding planners. Here, elaborate work of zardozi over pink coloured silk styled with international or pan Indian jewellery serves as perfect wedding attire for brides, while grooms may opt for Bollywood themed Sherwanis. After this, event managers may opt to display a short film story enacted by the groom and the bride, along with close friends to make the wedding ceremony a great event. Other than this, one can name tables based on Bollywood movie themes rather than few boring numbers.

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Fairytale Wedding Theme ideas

Brides and grooms seeking for a unique yet modern wedding theme should definitely go with fairytale wedding themes. Best thing about fairytale wedding theme idea is that every decor, along with wedding attire includes eye-catching colour combinations and designs. Your bridesmaid could dress up as different fairies from lovely fairy tales you grew up loving, like the picture below. il_570xN.1644160183  grid-cell-2142-1392850754-11


DIY & Eco-friendly

In the coming years, more and more people are expected to organize DIY weddings. These weddings are rustic in nature, quite eco-friendly. What is so special about these wedding theme ideas for 2016? In these weddings, the organizer can invest in re-usable and eco-friendly items. It’s ideal way of showing people how one can bring eco-friendliness in daily life.

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Modern & Minimalistic

The modern wedding themes for summer are a blend of minimalism and simplicity. They are a balance of opulence and elegance that aims to create a totally new look. In such weddings, the wedding planners often use items like fairy lights, sofa, and flowers for decorating purposes. However, while planning for an Indian wedding, it is better to keep the decoration simple yet attractive. Here are some ideas for simple Indian wedding.

Rustic Chic

The rustic chic is getting a modern makeover. It’s modern. According to the theme, plants on tables that are decorated with lamp shades are used. Cakes with real fruits are also used for decorating purposes.

Apart from the themes discussed above the other themes that are important are the Twilight, Fairytale, and Garden. There are several Wedding themes India and a choice of a theme reflects the personality of the bride or the groom. During a wedding, it is the bride and the groom that comes to a consensus so far as theme selection is concerned.

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About the Bold Bohemian wedding themes for 2016, it can only be said that with time, more fashionable clothes are being designed to suit specific requirements like Indian wedding events. In the Bohemian style, baby breaths, bold hues, sneakers, are a common appearance. In this style of wedding, the bride assumes a hipster like appearance with a big smile.



The new shade card for the pastels is the happy blue, nice baby pink. The new style brings romance and elegance into the Indian wedding. All this accompanied by the use of unusual hues like pale yellow or mint keeps the style a minimalistic yet attractive.

How the wedding themes have a bearing on the personality of the bride-groom?

The Indian wedding theme ideas ranges from being Rustic to Bollywood, fairytale, birdie where there is enough use of parrot, peacock designs. Now what is so special about the Bollywood?  India is acclaimed for the Indian film industry. Annually, a significant amount of money is spent on producing, directing motion pictures.  The theme is known to be an amalgamation of the luxurious Indian cultures.

Yet another wedding theme is the fairytale wedding theme. In this theme, the wedding planners use simple, homemade items and creativity to plan wedding. In a society, where there is a mix of people, it is quite obvious, the tastes and preferences are not the same. There is a certain section of population among which the fairytale wedding theme is very popular.

What type of wedding themes and colours an individual adopts depends solely on that individual’s tastes and preference. From the selection of the wedding style, one can get a sneak peek about the bride groom’s personality. Those who are like to dress like princess and fairies, definitely like to go with the fairytale wedding theme ideas for themselves.


Selection of acclaimed wedding planner is useful to make a wedding successful

There are a number of websites available online that helps the modern to be brides and grooms to get married by choosing a theme that they like. But mere selection of a theme is not helpful and in recent times, to make a wedding event successful, it is important to hire the services of an acclaimed wedding planner. These professional offer their services to their customers to make their events successful. The cost of hiring such service varies from place to place. These service providers maintain websites where they provide the services that they usually offer to their customers.

Invitation type depends on bride or groom’s personality, preference and tastes

From the visitor’s perspective, it is important to carry an invitation for the bride and the groom on the occasion of the wedding. There are websites that allow visitors to offer wedding invitations, wedding theme ideas to the bride and the groom. The type of invitation that one selects depends on the bride or groom’s personality, tastes and preference. In this context, the different types of wedding invitations that are common are the lace wedding invitations, rustic, and laser cut, blue, bridal, bridal shower wedding invitations. Check out some creative wedding invitation ideas that we have put together.

In India, it is a common observation that during wedding, a significant population prefer to spend considerable amount of resources in buying ornaments for the bride. It is a customary practice to adorn the woman with ornaments during the event. But, there are exceptions, in this regard. Some prefer to keep it simple. In such events, a get together, throwing a party is a customary practice. Food, drinks and fun are a part of the event. Apart from the wedding themes ideas and colours the most important thing is the attire and the choice of dresses is done meticulously by the brides, grooms to grace such occasions.

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