Quick guide to applying magical blush for two different looks

Brides have to be pro, self-makeup artists! Before and after the wedding, a bride is always expected to look her beautiful and charming best at various gatherings. And there are many of those! However, a makeup team can’t be present each time you go out because let’s face it, it is not really an affordable option. In such scenarios, it is essential for the new bride to ace certain makeup hacks that will come in handy during desperate times.

The basics, like enhanced eye makeup with winged liner and deep mascara combined with the right shade of lipstick, do create a neat look. However, for a new bride, it’s not enough! Hence, the blush is your magic answer. Blush not only highlights your cheekbones but also gives you that marital radiance everybody will envy.



So, we have put together a quick guide for you to use the magical blush in under 3 minutes to create a flawless look.

  • Once you have cleansed your face with a cleanser that suits your skin, let it breathe for a few minutes.
  • Now use a cream to smoothen your skin and apply it evenly all over your face. Ensure, there is no patch left. Once it settles after a few seconds, dab your cheekbones with blush using a puffy brush.
  • Ensure you do this in one direction only i.e. from bottom to top.
  • For an evening look, you can top it up with a little bronzer so that you look shiny and starry.

Check out the detailed tutorial here:

Like the tips? Don’t thank us. Thank Kalyan Jewellers for having beauty expert Bianca Louzado put together this quick guide on how to apply blush and bronzer correctly to get that perfect look.

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