Vanessa Williams Lavish Egyptian Wedding: What goes in to creating 14k Gold Invitations

After meeting on holiday whilst cruising down the Egyptian Nile – it wasn’t long until Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives star, Vanessa Williams wed partner Jim Skrip.

However, the gorgeous landscape of Egypt not only provided the couple with a place for the two lovers to meet, but also provided inspiration for their lavish wedding ceremony. The couple settled on a luxe Egyptian theme as an ode to the beginning of their love story, and they contracted London based Invitation Company – Adorn invitations to create their stunning 14k gold wedding invitations.


Inspiration for the Egyptian Design
Collaborating with Vanessa’s wedding planner Carla Measer-Costamagna and with Vanessa herself, Adorn spent several months brainstorming potential designs and they also asked Vanessa to compile online mood boards with textures, colours and aesthetics that appealed to her. Although the design team couldn’t wait to start pitching their own ideas – Vanessa’s and Jims requests were always at the forefront.

Drawing on inspiration from the wedding décor such as the vibrant peonies, golden placemats, exotic chandeliers and even Vanessa’s bridal gown – the design team finally settled on a design that would rival the ceremony in its grandeur. Settling on a colour theme of Marsala and shimmery gold – the colours complimented each other beautifully and mirrored the stunning landscape where the couple fell in love.
Lace details from Vanessa’s gown were also laser cut onto the outside cage of the invitation creating a beautiful cohesion between the ceremony and invitation.
ONTS_GI_28 v2
Creating a Piece of Art
With state of the art modern equipment and more traditional, vintage machinery – Adorn Wedding Invitations was easily able to produce all of the elements of Vanessa’s invitations ensuring that they were of the highest quality. Using a printing machine that dates back two-hundred years – a rich and vibrant colour of Marsala was able to be mixed up and applied to the invitation card and envelope and by using a rare printing technique called hot foiling; the team were able to apply a stunning gold raised highlight onto the Marsala backing which provided a truly royal and luxurious feel.

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Exclusive insight on creation of Vanessa Williams’s wedding invitations by Adorn Invitations.

The intricately cut detailing on the outside of the design was created by using a specialized technique called laser cutting. First, Adorn’s designer’s custom sketched the lace design and then uploaded it to a computer software program where it duplicated the image until a symmetrical and clean pattern was created. By using an extremely high temperature laser – the card was able to be cut precisely creating that clean cut and delicate look.
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A Special touch of Gold
Of course, perhaps the most stunning and luxurious aspect of the invitation design was the 14k gold lotus leaf seal that delicately enclosed all of the invitations. During the research process, the team had discovered that the lotus flower was extremely symbolic to both Vanessa and Jim. Symbolizing new love and awakening, Jim actually had a small design of the flower engraved onto the inside of Vanessa’s ring.

The gold seal was thus a perfect ode to Vanessa and Jim’s relationship and was an understated welcoming of the start of their new lives together.

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