Bridal diamond jewellery designs and sets for modern brides

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‘Diamonds are forever’ and they are a woman’s best friend. The modern woman is a beautiful mixture of independence and cultural magnificence, a quality that only diamond compliments beautifully. If you are one of the brides who loves her diamonds and wants to make a statement on the biggest day of your life, then you have come to the right place. Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers has put together a beautiful video showing varied bridal diamond jewellery that could be matched with different mood and style:

Shreya Kalra, Fashion Jewellery Expert from Truly Bridal Jewellery of Kalyan Jewellers, has brought together some exquisite bridal diamond jewellery sets with varying bridal wear styles that suit each regal bride’s taste. So let’s dive right in:

  • The Elegant Bride: You are a minimalist bride that loves keeping things simple, including your sense of style. For you, the jewellery can’t be too loud as if craving for attention, but rather subtle that adds a loving aura to your look. A single diamond bangle coupled with rings that have a green ruby in the center has a minimalist edge. Match the centre stone of your earring and necklace to any of the colour from your wardrobe and you are ready!

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  • The Royal Bride: You like class over everything else, and you should settle for no less. A royal bride is such a delight and is an envy as her princess like aura beams endlessly. Choose a simple yet intricate mang tikka but let your neckpiece be your loudest jewellery piece that covers yet highlights your long neck. Choose bridal dangler earrings.
  • The Enchanting Bride: You are a dream bride that wins heart just by smiles, and when that smile is combined with dazzling diamonds, you may break a few hearts, too. Embrace the tiara style mang tika with elegant, simple bangles that are not too loud or heavy. A string line diamond necklace completes your look.

Tell us what is your bridal jewellery style and share this with other brides-to-be.  For more details, you can subscribe to Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers.


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