Easy and Comfy First Night Tips for Indian Bride

If you grew up watching Indian movies, you would have known by your pre-adolescence that the wedding scene will most definitely be followed by a highly romanticized first night (which you couldn’t watch in peace if parents were around)! But a first night in real life is an event which can give you tremors of excitement and anticipation concurrently. Many brides worry sick in their minds about ‘how to behave with husband on first night’ or ‘what is right way to be on first night’, etc. These are only fair to experience but not necessarily to be carried to your love bed on your first night.

Over the years, the Indian Millenials are becoming increasingly sexually liberated in their choices, and the charm of the once overrated imagery of ‘first night’ is gradually fading. But India still, being one of the South Asian nations where arranged and semi-arranged marriages are clearly more in number than love marriages and live-in relationships. And, having an arranged first night can be tricky. So here I bring to you some

Easy First Night Tips for brides to bear in mind:

Ambience tips to get you started on your first night


  • It’s the mood that sets the tone for what shall follow, so ensure that the bedroom is adorned with lovely fragrant flowers.
  • Light a few scented candles to infuse the aroma into the air so that both the newlyweds are turned on sensuously.
  • Don’t overdo anything. Keep it modest yet inviting, nonetheless.
  • If you are celebrating your special night in a hotel, then you can totally forget about the planning and get comfortable for the night to unwind at ease.

Nightwear tips for comfortable first night

  • Keep the attire simple idea, in fact, it is highly recommended that the apparel should be a comfy one. If it is a traditional saree that the beaming bride wants to wear, go for soft, lightweight silks or viscose or crepe with embroidered borders.
  • The groom can don a conventional kurta pajama or a kurta dhoti/mundu ensemble. Go for It would be lovely to choose a color palette that is soothing to the eyes and dopamine inducing at the same time. Getting heavily lauded with accessories for the night is an undue waste of time and effort while undressing! Simplicity is the key. This is one the few first night tips for bride that each bride swears by!
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Edibles that set the mood on First Night


  • For centuries together a platter with sattvik items like milk, fruits and nuts were and still are the ideal choice for edibles for the special night. These are light on the tummy, and have added benefits!
  • For instance, warm milk is famously known as a sleep inducer while fruits, nuts and chocolates are good conversation starters.
  • Avoid getting tipsy or high and allow the beauty of your togetherness intoxicate your senses.

The Deed!


  • Now if it is your first time with this person, then it is best if you do not unleash the crouching tiger on the very night. After all thereotically speaking marriages are forever, so why the RUSH?!
  • On your first night, don’t enter into the bedroom with the seriousness of a job interview or the nervousness of a fish out of water!
  • Keep it cool! Indulge him/her, while the time away with small talk and share some hearty laughs and keep things PG rated initially.
  • If he/she still seems turned ON, cover first and second base!
  • If third base has to be explored please ensure that he/she wants it too. Pay attention to spend time in foreplay to get her aroused completely before the act and once the act is over, dear fellow brethren , don’t just doze off, soothing afterplay is a must.
  • Wear condoms or take the necessary measures for safe sex, especially if changing diapers exactly 9 months from the day you got married is not on your minds right now! Remember, Fools rush in!


  • This includes all that could go wrong on that lovely night. [It is most essential tip to ensure you actually get to your love bed on your first night ;)]. From crazy cousins and their pranks to erratic power supply, ensure that things don’t go overboard and disrupt the serenity of the night.
  • Gather your wits together and refrain from overreacting to situations that appear beyond your control!
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Remember, Clint Eastwood’s famous take on marriage, Marriages are made in heaven, well, so are thunder and lightning! So just be prepared and enjoy  enjoy each moment mindfully.

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