Olympic Wedding Theme Ideas

Irrespective of day and age weddings are special to those who are willing to jump into the rut of marriage. Rut of marriage you may wonder, but we could get into it on another day. So coming back to the wedding madness. Aah! Yea, I choose to call it madness coz that’s what it seems like after a decade into marriage. So coming back to the enthusiasts [for obvious reasons].


From time in memorial people have been going that extra mile to make their wedding extra special. Themes at weddings have been around for over two decades. There have been the underwater wedding, on the hill top, the bungee jump wedding, spooky themed wedding [as though marriage in itself was any less scary], the lego themed wedding [no no I am not talking about a kiddy birthday], super hero themed wedding [anyone taking this plunge is a superhero anyways], aeroplane themed wedding and colours themed wedding etc to name a few.

With the current Rio Olympics fever I was wondering if we could have an Olympics themed wedding. Isn’t it? Well no I am not really talking about the ‘run-away bride’ kind of scene. We are hoping neither the groom nor the bride goes through last minute commitment issues. Let’s explore….


  1. Wedding card: Yeah this one is amongst the basic requirements. So how about designing a log unit an extension of the Olympics logo with the bride and groom’s initials on it. This in itself sets the tone of the theme. And the guests are mentally prepared for the event.
  2. Venue: Well for obvious reasons you could choose a sports field for the occasion. And if you do not find one in your town, go in for the ball room and do up the walls with Olympics sports vector images. Now we are getting more there.
  3. Attire: There is a huge scope for creativity here. Choose a designer who can give a blend of traditional and theme focused attire. This could be extended to the guests as well in terms of dress code.
  4. The actual wedding ceremony: One can have a blast here. Depending on ones tradition/religion one can pick up a sport and have the ceremony.


  • The haldi ceremony in a Hindu wedding can be in form of a cycling event.
  • The groom and bride could be slow cycling while getting adorned with the holy haldi.
  • The barat can be an event of Equestrian.
  • The Jai mal can be an event of archery. Where the garlands are exchanged in the event of archery. Well this requires some serious practice though. We want the garlands to land up round the neck of the bride and the groom and do not really want any accidents.
  • The saat pheras could be the bride and the groom rowing around the holy fire.
  • The showering of blessings and flowers by the guests can be done using the tennis rackets.
  • In a Christian wedding the groom could swim across the aisle to meet his bride and then they could do synchronised swimming while taking their vows, what say you?
  • The throwing of the flower bouquet by the bride can be done in a game of handball.
  • The bride and groom can bid the guests goodbye by rowing.
  • The groom is obviously weightlifting when he carries his bride across the threshold of his house.

Boxing, judo, trampoline, taekwondo, and wrestling etc. can be life time of entertainment for the rest of the married life.

So have I inspired you enough to take the plunge? No? Well neither this theme nor the decision to marry is for the weak at heart.

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