10 hard to believe ideas of Indian couple poses you would want to steal.

Do you mind about how your wedding album should look like? Definately you do.The wedding photos that you take with your spouse will really affect the kind of memmories you will always share with each other remembering the happy times you always had together. The art of trying to practice different poses is very important for a couple before the big day.Having different poses is a good change of taste that expresses the big love between the two of you.
Having incredibly unique poses marks the begining of those lovely memories you have always wished for.Scroll down and enjoy viewing the list of lovely ideas of Indian couple poses you want to steal.


1. The side hand lift up pose
This one is achieved by the couple facing opposite each other but facing the camera which is aside.They lift hands just near the face while putting their fingers in a certain manner to show off their wedding ring.It suits an outside environment .

2. The front stage sitting posture.
In this posture, the couple can sit at the decorated front part of their wedding venue. The bride sits together with her groom who holds her shoulders. She spreads her hands as if trying to clap while smiling.

Ideas of indian couple poses you want to steal

2. The classic posture.
This posture can be achieved in many ways. The first way is whereby the couple sit down and faces each other as if trying to kiss each other. It is a a very nice way of expressing love. It symbolises a successful marriage despite the fact that marriage cannot always be a bed of roses. It is of the most attractive poses that demonstrates true love between two people.

3.“Please hold me darling” pose.

This is a fantastic pose that is almost dramatically done in the temple.It is done in front while other guests are watching from a distance.The groom stretches his hand and holds his bride who is a few meters away from her.

4. The cake time pose.
This is the photo taken just a few minutes after starting to cut the cake. It is very symbolic in that it shows that the bride and the groom are about to serve the first meal of their marriage to their first guests as a husband and wife. You can go a bit naughty here with this sweet pose by Bipasha at her wedding with Karan Grover.

5. The first kiss.
On this pose, the couple express their love to each other by taking a photo while kissing each other the first kiss as husband and wife. They actually feel free to demonstrate their love to each other as the photos are taken.
It can be done either while sitting or standing.

6.The “strong husband” pose.
Doesn’t this sound amazing? This is a fantastic way of having fun during the photo session.Most couples end up laughing while doing this.The reason is obvious because the strong man tries to carry his lady.


7. Welcome sweetheart.
This pose is the one that many brides would wish to have it on their wedding day. It happens when the bride enters the Temple. The groom who was waiting for her welcomes her by taking her hand and holds it romantically. The crowd on the other hand applauds to them. Most people love such a warm way to celebrate the union between two people.

8. The dance of love.
The dance of love can be done in two ways. First, it can be done inside the temple whereby the couple dance together to a lovely music as a sign of celebrating their love. They dance while holding each other and looking at each other.
The second way happens on an outside environment. The bride and the groom dance lifting up their hands while holding each other.

9. The happy lovers.
It can also be experienced in two ways. The groom can carry the bride, who stretches her legs straight as shown below. The other way happens when the groom holds the bride’s hands and kisses her.

10. Get a little naughty.
It is achieved when the couple does funny gestures to each other e.g the flying kisses and many more. They can also make funny faces to each other and laugh which is also humorous to those around them at that moment.

Didn’t that look awesome? You deserve every right to be happy and hold good memories of your wedding in your album. One of the most important factors in your wedding is a photograph. This is the only strong evidence that the two of you really had a good time. Try to apply the above poses and you will surely enjoy it all.

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