Top most mind-blowing Ideas you can steal from global royal weddings.

What comes into your mind when it comes to tying the knot?  Imperial wedding chimes ring in a very beautiful manner. Think about the extra-ordinary events in a wedding, how a wedding ceremony goes, and global royal weddings will fit there. When you are preparing for a wedding ceremony, you would always want it to be fantastic and unique.

Global royal weddings ideas are very well known of their magnificence, lavishness and cringe-worthy price-tags. In recent years, the most expensive weddings took place globally. Here are ideas you can steal on global royal weddings that really captured our sight. They range from preparation and budgeting, the wedding destinations the wedding theme, to the bridal beauty ideas, vows and many more.

Kate Middleton and Williams Royal Wedding Ideas.

This imperial wedding took place on 29th April 2011.It happened at the Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom. 


Unique ideas to steal from this wedding.

  1. The guest list.

The couple took the obligation to choose the guest list. They decided to choose a list of about 1900 attendees.  More than a half of the guest list was family members from both sides and the rest were close friends. Even though most weddings usually have an event planner, it is very important for the couple to select the number of people they will invite.

  1. The wedding venue.

This ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey which is known to be an imperial peculiar.

  1. The Style of taking the vows.

Kate Middleton is one of the most well known people to have taken unique vows during her royal wedding with Williams. She took her vows in a modernized way.

Do you plan to use the same common vows that have always been used? Well, it depends on your choice but this bride Kate opted for the word “comply with” in her vows. She also gave her word that she would love honour and comfort her husband. This couple took an individual approach that you can steal from.

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Royal Wedding Ideas from Nuptials of Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and Trishika Kumari Singh.

This wedding happened late June 2016, and had nearly 1000 guests. Trishika was a friend of the Mahajara of Mysore since childhood. They organised their Indian wedding ceremony which turned out to be so unique. Everything starting from the wedding attire of both the bride and the groom was demonstrating that royal feeling.

Facts to steal from this royal wedding.

  1. The private reception.

Private receptions can be so good and peaceful. This wedding was marked by a private reception whereby the newlyweds sat on a decorated swing in the Durbar hall. The VIP guests also were invited in the reception. The decoration and arrangement of the reception was done with creativity of beautiful coloured mats and curtains.

This reception had 2000 invitees from across the country.

  1.  The grand palace where the ceremony was held.

This ceremony was done in a traditional manner in a palace which marked its royal nature.

  1. The duration of the wedding.

This wedding ceremony was more of a traditional wedding. It did not just last for one day as many modern weddings now a days. It lasted for four days. This shows how the planning was done carefully on how each event was to take place.

The Royal wedding ideas from Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este wedding.

This wedding happened on 5th July 2014. Their engagement had been announced on 15th February 2014.It took place in Rome,s Basilica Santa Maria  in Trastevere.


Amazing facts about this royal wedding.

  1. The wedding gown of the bride.

Elissabetta was strikingly beautiful from her gown which was made of Ivory. It had intricate lace detail. It had a suitable imperial wedding style that was designed with rebrode lace accompaniments. It was 5 meters in height accented with motif of Chantilly tie up.

  1. The private ceremony.
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Unlike other Royal weddings, this wedding was held in a private ceremony where only the invited guests witnessed their lovely union.


The grand royal wedding of JigmeNamgel Wangchuck, King of Bhutan and Jetsun Pema.

On 13th October 2011, two lovely people from the royal family tied a knot.Jigme and Jetsun did this at the Punakha Dzong in Punakha.

Unique ideas from this royal wedding

  1. The wedding attire

The brides choose elaborate kiras, which is a national outfit for Bhutanese women. The kira she chose was woven from raw silk .She put on a light yellow tego and the kira was red in colour. They all symbolised astrology. From this we can learn that choosing a symbolic attire is a creative idea.

  1. The media coverage.

This wedding was attended by foreign journalists nearly 160 in number. The Bhutan Broadcasting Service covered this expensive ceremony. Many people who did not attend the event were able to follow up what went on.

  1. The honeymoon destination.

The newly wedded couple travelled to India after royal ceremony. The travelled at a train which was chartered by Indian government. They then visited Japan, where they were welcomed in a unique manner.

 Learning from royal weddings ideas starting from the way they hold their receptions, attire, honeymoon destinations and also theme colours can be a great way to come up with what you would want to expect from your dream wedding.

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