The Changing Trends of Indian Wedding Scene

When we say weddings, what is the first thing that comes to you mind- fun pop, lots of dance, loads of rituals, colours, crackers, beautiful dresses and amazing ambience. Weddings in India are no longer a quiet or social affair; it has become a week-long festivity. One of the most important angles that have joined the wedding wagon is a beautiful destination wedding. Beaches, boats and many stunning places in India host lavish and eye-maddening weddings.

Shifting the wedding dress zone

Our country has always been a melting pot of cultures and various traditions. These vibrant and beautiful cultures have now amalgamated with pop culture weddings. We love this changed affair. Let’s take you through a walk into these changes.

– Weddings have become more of a fashion show where woman dress in their best sarees, lehengas and take off their gold jewellery. And here every occasion has a different ensemble.
– When it comes to dressing up the bride, these days every girl has her dream wedding lehenga sorted and fixed with stylists gearing up to make them look perfect for the day.
– The contemporary girls have left the traditional clad and seek celebrity designers to look beautiful as a runway-ready doll.
– Get over the red! This colour is no longer holds the dominance over weddings or wedding outfits. Brides and grooms are turning experimental and holding on colours and various textures that match the themes and moods of the wedding.
– The new age has brought about more individuality in dressing and has given more important to experiments that fit the style and thinking of the couple. These days’ brides are very particular while choosing their wedding wardrobe.

Location Hunting for Weddings

If you are beach bum then why not plan a beach wedding. India has Heights, the sea and perfect greenery stretched through all places. The to-be couples have now started looking forward to wedding planners (giving a boost to this wedding industry) and provide briefs to them for execution. No more traditional halls or clubs, but people have started thinking out load. A national park, a beach, a sunset wedding- You think of it, and you can have it. The ambience of the entire wedding scenario has changed from conservative to fun.

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Pre and Post weddings

Weddings are no more only weddings- they have a pre and a post. Pre-weddings include mehndi, sangeet, cocktail parties, theme parties and pre-wedding shoots while post-weddings include parties to celebrate this union.
Indian wedding cards have curved to more creative announcements. They say first impression is the last impression and wedding cards are the first go-to and need to be impressive. People find innovation ways to communicate their wedding and what is a better way than a digital card.
– Candid photography has become a rage. Along with pre-wedding shoots, a movie is shot along with a trailer.
– Sangeet has opened up avenues for sangeet dance teachers and taken into serious consideration to beat the competition of which side is the best- bride or groom.
– Friends have become an important part of weddings and stand above relatives.

We love these changes, what about you?

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