Pre-wedding poses that every bride and groom must try

You have three months to go for your wedding and all you need to do other than loads of shopping, is to get your pre-wedding photoshoot done. We need a thousand likes on social media to give the world a dose of the marital union that waits. Pre-wedding shoots have become popular and we love it because it brings out the fun, romantic and dramatic side of the couple. What’s more, it a professional shoot that you can direct to get your fairy tale wedding the perfect start. Just imagine- when someone gazes at your beautiful couple portraits and all of their expression reads an AWWW. You love the feeling, don’t you?

Such pre-wedding photo shoots should be tried by every couple. They capture the best romance, love and fun times for your memories. So, here are 10 pre- wedding poses that every couple must try for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

  • The romantic cycle ride

Ditch the four-wheeler or a bike to get your bride on a cycle. The romance and chemistry between the couple is soothing and great. The setting behind a cycle mixes perfectly to the mood and provides a fun-side to couple. We have a major crush over this pose, what about you?

  • Do what you love doing

The best way to get the right sizzling chemistry, is capture what you both love doing. If you both love books, then voila! You should get a booky chemistry ON. These are the moments that define love and happiness and capturing it as one of your poses gets our thumbs up.

  • The kiss of love

This is our all-time favourite pose. Isn’t a heart-warming peck, the most beautiful thing to capture love? A kiss defines love and this is the ultimate pose that you should try for your pre-wedding photo-shoot. We are still gazing at them, are you?

  • It’s all about the fun baby

Make it fun, so that whenever you turn this page of memory, you know it was rocking. Always do something fun within a location. A fun picture can get the entire social media talking and a like from our end.

  • Lights, camera and action

Play with lights. A dream like pose fits perfect to a light-play cinematography. The outcome of such a pose is one word- Splendid. It’s definitely a marvel to your eye.

  • The happily-ever after pose

This pose dates back to the era of fairy-tales. If you are living your fairy tale wedding, then why not try the good old pose. Always romantic and chemistry is pure. They say old is gold and this pose is your golden one.

  • The Sunset magic

This is our favorite one. The director here is the sun, who magically spills colours and gives you a painting like picture. Absolutely stunning! You can creative magic with a sunset pose.

  • I got my dance partner for life

This pose is simple and very natural. Twirling around the love of your life sets the mood for an amazing picture.

  • Find an arch and make it yours.

This doorway pose leads ways to a lot of hearts.

  • Show your love

Lastly be true to your love and enjoy the poses.



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