Tips for young Moms for getting ready at Weddings on time

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Kids are cute. And kiddos at weddings all dressed up in ethic wear are just adorable. But when you’re a mom or a new mom, you have to work hard to keep yourself presentable especially at weddings. When there’s a wedding to attend you might not have time, courtesy your beloved children whom you have to dress up in addition to yourself. Juggling office and housework, running around for errands, preparing meals and taking care of the kids – phew! Being a Supermom is indeed harder than being Superman :). On some days, your beauty regime might only consist of remembering to brush your teeth and comb your hair.
So, to look the best version of yourself at weddings, you need to be smart about it. Here are some of the things that you’ll find useful:
1. Make a To-Do list –Jot down the things you need to do before the wedding like a haircut, manicures, waxing, etc . After that comes the list of functions you will be attending (pool party, sangeet, pooja, etc.) and outfits you’ll need for each of them.

2. Search for ideas online – If you are not able to decide what to wear or how to style something differently from your existing wardrobe, look for inspiration on the web for light lehengas, shararas or new blouse designs – there are so many options out there.

3. Shopping / getting the outfit ready – Try to go shopping on weekdays when the kids are at school, and once your outfits are available, a significant chunk of the work is already done. The rest will fall into place quickly.

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4. Deciding on Accessories – Earrings, bangles, clutches and even footwear fall in this category. You can find pieces from your existing stash that will work with the selected outfits and if there’s something that you want to purchase. Laying out the outfits + all accessories to be worn with it reduces the time taken to dress up on the D-day. If it’s a destination wedding, try and pack each set separately – one bag for one function. For new mums – wear sunglasses to day time events to hide tired eyes as babies tend to keep you awake always.

5. The Baby Bag – If you have toddlers, this is a must! Pack everything you might need for the baby in a handy (and trendy) bag that you / your partner can carry to the function.

6. Ask for help – Just when you think your little kid has learnt to dress on his own, he comes out wearing mismatched clothes ? Sometimes, it’s okay to ask your partner, mom-in-law, sister, etc. to help you / your kid get dressed or look after the baby while you prettify yourself.

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7. Book a professional makeup artist – If someone really close is getting married then definitely hire a professional makeup artist. You don’t have to worry about lipsticks, hairstyles and eyeshadows, just leave it to the expert. There are many online sites like where you can find a list of makeup artists in Delhi, Mumbai, and all the other cities and select one by looking at their work and reviews.
Did I miss something? If you have a hack/ tip that can help, share it with us in the comments below.

By Jyoti M


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