Tips to have a Pet-Friendly Wedding in India

Can you ever imagine your wedding without your close family member or your best friend by your side? None of us can. So, why should the most faithful companion of yours be left behind? We’re talking about your four-legged-friend, someone who’s always been there by your side. Weddings are a celebration that’s best enjoyed with all the near and dear ones. And to make your pet a part of your wedding, you need some careful planning so that it is a happy and fun day for all. Here are a few pet-friendly wedding tips to have a super cool and well-organized pet-friendly wedding and to make some really heart-warming memories:

  • Make them a part of your pre-wedding shoot

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Pre-wedding shoots can be a warm-up to what lies ahead for your pet and to make him/her more comfortable to the idea of being in a crowd around new people. It is certainly a great way to have more fun and make things more interesting than the usual. If you have a special story of how you bonded as a couple because of your pet, you can certainly improvise with cute placards.

  • Let your pet be the ring bearer –

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Dogs love to be useful and assigning them a task to be the ring bearer for you is such a cute way to include them into your wedding. However, you need to plan ahead to train your dog to bring the rings. You can have your pet bring your rings that can be attached to the collar or his/her dress to make them a part of the ring ceremony! Remember, practice is the key!

  • Create a special doggie space for your pooch to rest –

Let’s face it, Indian weddings are tiring and stressful enough for humans as it is, so imagine how tiring it will be for your pet. So, plan ahead and create a special area where your doggie can relax throughout the wedding ceremony to take a nap and be comfortable.

  • Make a no-dog zone for non-dog people

While there will be loads of dog-loving people oooing and aahooing at your handsomely dressed pet, there are a few non-dog people who will probably attend your wedding. To respect their sentiments, make a no-dog zone logistically to situate them at a place that is far away from your dog. Also, ensure that the pet sitter knows which is a no-go zone.

  • Assign a pet sitter to be by your doggie’s side at all times –

Assign a dedicated person to be there by your pet’s side at all times during the wedding. Pets love a routine so ensure that his/her meals, food, treats and water are available as usual and he/she feels comfortable around your pet sitter. It is best to have a known person be the pet sitter such as a dog walker or any of your friends/family who would be willing to be the dedicated pet sitter throughout the ceremony.

  • Get the right pet costume for the wedding –

A bride and her dog wearing a customized sherwani on her wedding

Photo Credit: HeadsUpForTails

Custom-made dresses for pets is in! Whether your pet is attending a wedding, a formal event or a paw-sh paw-ty, there is a dress that can be tailored for your pet. Heads Up For Tails, India’s exclusive luxury brand for ‘pawsh’ and fun doggie couture specializes in custom-made Dog Sherwani, Dog Tutu and even a customized Dog Tuxedo to ensure your pet looks his best. You can find personalized dog special occasion wear at Heads Up For Tails website and we’re sure that your pet will certainly receive more compliments than anyone else at your wedding!

  • Keep the photographer in loop for some candid clicks with your pooch –

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Your wedding will be incomplete without some quirky and fun pics with your doggie. Keep your wedding photographer aware that your pet will be attending the wedding so that you do not miss out on the opportunity of some great pictures and videos with your furry best friend. You can provide the photographer with some of your pet’s favorite treats to make it easier to click pictures. Get some props ready so that you do not miss on the opportunity of some great pictures and videos with your furry best friend. And last but not the least; ensure that you have loads of fun with your four-legged friend and make some really paw-some memories!

Do you have a pet-friendly wedding story to share? Comment below and tell us!

Writer’s Bio –

Paruli Upadhyaya is a Content Manager at Heads Up For Tails. When she’s not busy driving content at her job, you can find her nagging her two dogs – Dooby and Buffy, or petting random dogs on the street.

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