Strengthen Your Relationship Before Marriage

Meeting the person with whom you will share the better part of your life causes indescribable joy and a feeling of accomplishment. You may meet your significant other through a mutual friend; in social settings, like in a friend’s or a relative’s wedding; at the workplace; at a religious gathering; or through some popular dating sites meant for Finding your Perfect Match. Having met that person with whom you want to share your life, especially in marriage, your next big task is to strengthen your relationship with him or her, as you seek to better know them.

Here are some ways through which you can strengthen your relationship before marriage:

Make time for each other

Having regular dates allows you and your partner to have fun, socialize, and get out of your busy day-to-day schedules to bask in the joy of each other’s company. Exploring new places together can be a great adventure that will make you and your lover have fresh feelings for one another. This will also allow you become closer with one another, and make the ties of love tighter.

Showing appreciation for each other

When people have known each other for a significant amount of time, it becomes pretty easy to lose or forget the habit of appreciating the things, whether little or big, that they do for each other. You must strive to keep alive the habit of appreciating your partner for even the most common of things, like preparing you a meal. Although your love does some of these things daily for you, saying a simple “thank you” or expressing appreciation by complimenting them will make him or her feel that you are not taking them for granted.


It is common for people to listen in order to respond to issues, as opposed to listening to understand. You may find it hard to discuss things that your partner does that really get on your nerves, but when such a talk arises, it is best to drop everything you are doing and just listen. You should also at all costs avoid getting defensive or worked up. While listening, process everything that the other person is saying, and discuss in a calm way whether there is a straightforward solution or one that you will need to seek together.

Finding mutual interest

Even if you were brought together by a shared hobby or talent, you can find other things to do together as well. You should seek these activities, which can be as simple as taking nature walks, going to dance classes, or attending fitness sessions together. The beauty of learning something new together is that you have more conversation starters, and it creates more cherished and special memories for both of you.


Contrary to the common perception, counseling is not just for relationships that are falling apart. Having counseling sessions together with your partner allows both of you to bring out some concerns or issues that you have, but that have been hard to discuss between yourselves. You also get a chance to air any pre-wedding jitters or fears so you can start your marriage in a strong way. The professional counselor will help in navigating some sensitive areas, which will benefit both of you significantly. Counseling is even more vital in case this marriage is the second one for either or both of you.


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