Plan the perfect last-minute wedding like a Pro

Weddings are an important event for family and friends. It’s a beautiful and pure union of two families. And since Indian weddings are a multi-day affair, it takes careful planning to make sure no tables are left unturned to create a successful event. 

But what if you’re planning a last minute wedding? Does it mean you rush vendors, caterers, and venue owners into making your arrangements their priority? Do you rush to popular designers to get your outfits tailored? When you’re in this situation, planning things in this manner may seem like the only possibility. But there’s a much better way to plan your last minute wedding that will keep everyone happy. 

Here are 5 ways you can plan your last minute wedding without any hassle: 

Choose a venue with all under one roof

Since you’re running a race against time, it’s important you choose a venue that offers a large banquet hall to accommodate all your guests. And additionally, ensure that the venue also provides you with catering services, from a wide variety of delectable dishes, and mouth-watering desserts to choose from. 

This makes it very convenient for you to leave the responsibility of wedding decoration and food on a single source. You can directly speak to the caterers as well as the wedding decorators at the same location and have all your queries answered. 

Find Best Vendors

These days, most businesses use social media to market themselves. It’s a great way for them to gain visibility as well as allow users to directly contact vendors. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are frequently used for wedding ideas and popular vendors in the city. And especially if you are short of time, now is the time to make good use of your social media to narrow down the best vendors in the city. A lot of business profiles also like to include customer reviews. So make sure you look out for the right information before you select a vendor. 


Your invites will give your guests a glimpse of what they could expect at your wedding. Besides your wedding decoration, your wedding invites will provide you with an opportunity to get really creative. And while all other arrangements may seem demanding, designing your invites will ease you off the wedding madness and give you an opportunity to explore your creative side. Sending out actual invites may not be wise, and instead, invitations via WhatsApp may be a better idea. It will guarantee that all your guests would receive invites, but do not forget to personally give all your guests a call since you’re inviting them on such short notice. 

Emergency Kit

Ever wondered what it would be like if your makeup faded on the way to the venue? What if you tripped and bruised a knee? Or your beautifully styled hair turned into a mess even before you reached the mandap. Does this mean you simply ignore these little issues and carry on as planned? Absolutely not! A great way to save you from the embarrassment is to carry an emergency kit. Make sure it contains hair, makeup, and necessary medicines so that you’re ready for every situation. 

Rent Your Attire

At a time when you’re already running around to book venues and vendors, shopping for your attire at the last moment will seem like an absolute nightmare. But there’s always an alternative to ensure all your attires are ready well before your big day. Rent your attire! Renting wedding attires have become extremely popular for various reasons, and are great for couples planning a last minute wedding. 

So if you’re planning a last minute wedding, going through these tips will significantly help you plan and execute your big day without too much hassle or apprehension. 

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