5 Trendy Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Car?

Weddings are not everyday events, and everything for the big day is planned meticulously to celebrate love and happiness. The bride, the groom, their families, friends, and other involved people do their best to look their best on the wedding day. Also, everything else that is connected with the wedding—the church, the reception venue, or the home—are all adorned with pretty things to be part of the joyous occasion. Moreover, the car that the newlyweds will travel in after the ceremony is also adorned to look beautiful and to reflect the happiness and the blazing love of the newlyweds.

Are you short of ideas on how to make your wedding car look exceptionally beautiful on the big day? Worry no more, as we have some great ideas for you.

Use posters and banners

Some amazing magnetic posters and banners that stick anywhere on your car’s body can do the trick. You can choose between those that say “Just Married,” or have one tailor-made with you and your spouse’s names. You have the freedom to be as creative as possible and to shun the tired A4-sized poster that indicates “X weds Y.”

Give window clings a try

Do you have a subtle taste and want the decorative appearance on your car to be minimalistic? If you are such a person, then window clings or stickers are what can work for you. They are self-adhesive and often produced using waterproof vinyl. You can easily and conveniently buy them either from online or physical stores, and you can have them tailored to your preference.

Go for ribbons

Satin ribbons are just the best for that stylish and classy look. With ribbons, you can tie them all over your car or design them into small bows and fix them on different places on your car for a sophisticated appearance. For a more elaborate look, you can stick small bunches of flowers on the ribbons. Wide ribbons give better results, so buy those instead of narrow ones. In case satin ribbons do not impress you, go for colorful strings, net drapes, zari gotas, and other ingenious options. As you use ribbons to decorate your wedding car and portray a classy look, you can also bring out your luxurious taste by renting a posh car. You should rent from leading car rental companies, like https://milanirentals.com/, so your first ride as a married couple becomes a memorable one.

Use flowers

Weddings are almost unimaginable without flowers, especially in some cultures, like those in India. Using flowers can be an awesome way to decorate wedding cars. However, avoid making your car appear overcrowded with them. You can place a bouquet on the bonnet or the hatchback of your car for an excellent and less crowded look. Additionally, decorate the rest of the car by placing single flowers in some stylish designs. It is advisable to use natural flowers rather than the artificial ones. Real flowers bring a sense of liveliness to the décor. You could even try to create a contrast between the color of the flowers and that of your car for a sharper look.

Follow your wedding theme

Should you have any difficulties picking the color of the flowers or ribbons, your safest bet is to decorate your car as per your wedding theme. Assuming your wedding theme color is red, you can go ahead and get red flowers, ribbons, or a blend of the various decorating elements mentioned earlier, and your problem is solved.

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