About Shaadi To Wedding

Shaadi To Wedding is site which is focused on catering to your tiniest needs that you have for your special day- your wedding day, an occasion that defines your life! Right from choosing the songs for your sangeet and that romantic first dance to picking correct accessory  to keeping up with the latest bridal apparels that are loved by all.

Soon on Shaadi To Wedding you will have access to all the happening celebrity weddings in India and abroad. We would share quick tit-bits about these weddings and show you the doable parts that you can implicate for your very own wedding. No wedding is complete without that traditional touch. In each tradition, there are some innate reasons behind the rituals that bind the couples with each other for rest of their lives! Be it posh wedding of Kim Kardashian or Bollywood wedding of Abhishek Bachchan or Royal wedding of Prince William or King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk or those elaborate shaadis that eat up the prime time on leading television channels; each of them have their own charm and highlight how gravely traditions and fashion are embedded in them.

Shaadi To Wedding is set to be your buddy in your journey to married life. Any query right from choosing the right bridal wear to picking that intricate mehendi design to setting theme for the wedding to laying out lavish world cuisines ensuring it would tickle the taste buds of your guests. The idea is to make your shaadi day as a memorable one, one that not only you would remember for rest of your life but even your guests would talk about for years.

At Shaadi to Wedding we realise that no matter how extravagant you dream of your wedding, when it actually comes down to listing downs and detailing everything, money proves to be a big constraint. Budget wedding or shaadi is going to show you tips and tricks to bring alive your perfect dream wedding without steeping over your finances. Theme weddings are a big craze and they come with a heavy price tag, but as they say there is always a way around. Even you can have your dream shaadi under your budget, all you need is patience and willingness to be involved in creating it.

Welcome to Shaadi to Wedding- you are going to find all the tips, tricks, guides, etc that you need for your dream wedding- right here!

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