Top 5 Indian Wedding Photographers for Shaadi in India

We received a few queries on bringing together a list of only top 5 wedding photographers in India. Hence, here is our choice of top shaadi photographers of India. With so many photographers mushrooming across the country for capturing wedding memories, it becomes tough to choose the best out of mediocre. Before we get to the list of our favourite wedding photographers, first let’s have a clear sense of what makes a good wedding photographer:

  • Creative and Original: Most photographers simply repeat poses that are available online. While it’s a good approach but has no life. While some mandatory shots would be as they would like pheras or mangal sutra tying; there is much room to be creative depending on the ceremonies involved, culture, innate nature of bride and groom, location of the wedding.
  • Alert and Active: An Indian shaadi is made of small moments that are sweetly memorable and it is photographer’s job to ensure these are captured. Make sure your photographer is alert and active in capturing as many moments as possible. His eyes and hands have to be ready to shot everything cute and memorable.
  • Patient: Indian weddings can be a chaos and patient is the key for sailing through it. If you have a grumpy photographer then neither will he capture good pictures, his mood will also affect you negatively. Hence, choose an Indian wedding photographer who is patient and tolerant.
  • Visual Story Teller: A shaadi photographer has to be a story teller. We are a country obsessed with Bollywood and our weddings are no less than a magnanimous love story. So, it’s good to interview your photographer in advance to see his sense of visual storytelling that will bring your love story alive for many decades to come.

Now let’s dive into our choice of top 5 Indian wedding photographers:

We loved him because he captures emotions intuitively. The way he tells each love story is unique and brings alive the cuteness of each unique couple. Usually, his work tells full story from pre-wedding to end of the wedding; using locations and cultural nuances beautifully.

We totally this team of photographers! As you scroll through their portfolio, you will go awww and your heart will go on melting! We picked this sweet picture when couple steals a quick moment to converse amongst the madness of their loved ones colouring them yellow!

Weva beautifully captures the deep emotions of traditional sweetness. This capture is a pure replica of the depth of their photography. As you go through their profile, you will hardly find any repetition. Their approach is unique in every way.

Navdeep has a sense of capturing the weddings in larger than life manner, without losing the innocence and romance in each frame. We loved the picture from this cross-cultural wedding; where liveliness of the couple is captured vibrantly in a pre-wedding celebration.

If you are open to experimenting and capture your wedding moments like never before; then you have to team up with Photo Tantra. This beauty was captured in laps of Ladakh Himalayas.


We hope you like our list of top 5 Indian wedding photographers and take cues from their work for your own wedding photography.